Eastersee/De Fryske Marren (Marchjepôle) – Dolsterhuzen/De Fryske Marren (by a small island at the t-junction Tsjonger-Broeresleat)

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, we turned the stern (literally visible here) and left the great island of Marchjepôle at 9:46AM. We will definitely be back!

After a smooth trip of, except for a minute, 45 minutes we moored in Ychtenbrêge/Echtenerbrug. We chose to stay there for a day for three reasons: a. to replenish our rations (Spar, here we come!), b. to fully charge our batteries again by connecting them to shore power and c. to buy a Marrekrite-flag. The a. was much needed; as far as the b. is concerned, we 'pamper’ the batteries every now and then and the flag is just a matter of courtesy (the little flag -every year a different colour, this year yellow- costs only € 15,00; their numberless mooring-spots inside Fryslân/Friesland are all for free). Because we took a picture here before, this time we stayed in our easy chair and made a panoramic one.

  • Remnants of stern light

    The stay in Ychtenbrêge/Echtenerbrug was even more usefully spent, because the stern light that had been destroyed some years ago (the offender 'is in the cemetery' we say in the Netherlands) was of course a thorn in our side all along. Finally,

  • It's working again!

    the worst DIYer in the universe mustered up all his courage—and tools—and got the stern light working again. It turned out to be a surprisingly easy job. The stern light was a gift from fellow hibernators Jos & Iris Meijer (‘Fortuna’). Thanks a lot!

The next day, Thursday the 19th, we left Ychtenbrêge/Echtenerbrug exactly at noon. We were told to go anyway as the room we occupied was marked with a ‘reserved’-sign because some rental boats apparently would return that day. The space is owned by Turfskip Yachtcharter, hence. We cruised, as usual lately, somewhat over three quarters of an hour and stopped at 12:49PM a small island in the middle of a t-junction, where the Broeresleat/Broeresloot ends in the river Tsjonger/Tjonger. This (again: panoramic) picture shows the entire island, beginning with our boat’s bow end ending with our entire little ship. If you’re unable to picture our position, see the next image.

To make things absolutely clear this image was taken from unsurpassed Google Earth. Visible are: the Tsjûkemar/Tjeukemaar, Delfstrahuizen/Dolsterhuzen, Ychtenbrêge/Echtenerbrug and the route we had to follow to reach our present location. We are where the yellow pin is situated. To answer an obvious question: we are unable to tackle the Broeresleat/Broeresloot because the two bridges, part of this sleat/sloot, are too low for us.

  • Front view (I)

    The Tsjonger/Tjonger flows just in front of us;...

  • Front view (II)

    ...we turned back into the Broeresleat/Broeresloot...

  • Front view (III)

    ...and overlook the beautiful Frisian polder landscape.

This is one of the activities when moored here for a few days. Enjoying life and doing nothing! Note: the picture was taken on Friday the 20th at 2:02PM.

This picture, however, was taken the same afternoon around 5:00PM. The weather had completely turned into rainy conditions.

Burning stove

That late afternoon it got so chilly that we decided to light the stove. Even our dog Jay, who has a thick coat, apparently thought it was acceptable.

Sunset-reflection on Thursday-evening at 9:25PM.

A bonus. The sky behind us on Thursday-evening at 10:28PM.


22.05.2022 22:13


Prachtige luchten. Friesland is mooi.

23.05.2022 06:13

Diny & Simon

Ja he. Geniet in de USofA!