Dolsterhuzen/De Fryske Marren (by a small island at the t-junction Tsjonger-Broeresleat) – Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken

The tiny island at the t-crossing (where the Boerensleat is connected to the Tsjonger) was left on Monday the 23rd at 9:08AM. We cruised the Tsjonger, followed by the Engelenfeart and the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal to end up at 10:50AM inside Heerenveen’s outside harbour. This picture was made the next day when we, the dog included, had the energy to cycle a detour and cross the canal. The weather had deteriorated severely, which made for a dramatic scene. When we got home, the dog and our male crew member were soaked.

That very morning (on the 24th) we lit the stove once again. That was not only necessary - but also very pleasant. We (that is to say: he) forgot to remove the plastic candles. They melted – and ended up inside the trash-bin.

During the day the weather improved substantially, offering us the chance to make this stunning picture at 9:37PM.

After two nights inside Heerenveen’s outside harbour we decided to travel, at last, towards Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken, where we’d meet highly valued friends, combined with a possible appointment with a painter to repaint our little ship - both the above and below water parts. We left at the 25th of May at 10:09AM. Along the way we noticed a large row of landscaped fishing spots. There was no fisherman in sight.

To reach our destination we had to follow the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal to the north, in the direction of Akkrum, to reach a movable bridge that is part of the Leeuwarden-Zwolle railway line. This bridge can be seen in this photo to the right of the mill. The operation is done remotely. Of course the waiting time depends on the train traffic. We only had to wait 5 minutes. A true marvel of engineering. After passing the bridge we cruised on the Hearrenfeanster Kanaal to the south again, in Haskerdijken’s/Haskerdiken’s direction. This village is a part of Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean.

After some manoeuvrings we switched off the engine at 11:44AM – we are moored here in the harbour of Jachtbemiddeling Heeresloot B.V. ( where, on the advice of our friends, we can moor temporarily. They live on ‘Avontuur’, also visible here, which (I múst mention this) is equipped with enviable spud poles. To the point now. The (re-)paint job is an exciting affair because the question is whether our ship (33 tons) can be lifted onto dry land by a crane that can officially lift 30 tons. Maybe we can empty the water tank, that will easily save 1.5 tons...

Our dog, Jay, has got loads of energy. Weather providing we have a bike-ride with him daily. Ever since he got the bike upside down after he started walking 'just like that', he waits neatly until he notices the signal 'go'.

  • Frisian landscape

    When biking with the dog we take the opportunity to photograph what is worth...

  • Frisian horses

    ...photographing. Like the Frisian landscape/light, or a Frisian mare with her foal.

This (Sunday-)morning was rather chilly. So the female crewmember recommended the male crewmember to wear his ‘Aussie’-hoodie. He obediently did. © Tineke Heek.



Engine ran during 3,2 (192 minutes) hours, Monday 1,7 hours (102 minutes) and Wednesday 1,5 (90 minutes).


Generator this week 1,7 (102 minutes) hours. When in Heerenveen. We’re on a landline since Wednesday.


Weather: no summer yet, apparently. Sometimes windy, raining – and sometimes sunny.


Hope to see you next week again!    


30.05.2022 20:55


En ik maar denken dat het in NL net als hier volop zomer is. Succes met het liften van de boot. Waar verblijven jullie ondertussen?

30.05.2022 11:51


Heerlijk om te lezen. Geen foto van Jay verrijzend uit het moeras in het Dodobos?

30.05.2022 15:28

Simon & Diny

Nee, de slimmerik ging gauw zitten, zodat de viezigheid niet goed te zien was. Want hij pootjebaadt 'slechts'. Ach, je hebt 'm intussen gezien. Hij is weer min of meer toonbaar...