Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken – Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean

Because the permanent tenant of the place where we were allowed to moor temporarily would return on Monday May 30, 2022, we left that day at 9:22AM. Afterwards it turned out that he did not come back until Wednesday, June 1, 2022, but that does not alter the fact that we really appreciated being able to stay during 5(!) nights in Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken. (See https://www.heeresloot.nl/.) We sailed that morning (in)to (the centre of) Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean and moored already at 10:24AM - at a spot with electricity, after another boat was willing to move up a bit. This is the wonderful place where we (still) lie, awaiting the arrival of our son and his wife. They come from England and will sail with us for a few days.

The floating outside sitting area, part of Café ‘De Oase’, in front of our little ship, was this morning (Pentecost Sunday) popular with visitors.

We are moored along a street called Breedpad (‘Broadpath’). When coming from the north-west and passing the Herenwalsterbrug there cannot be any doubt about the name of the street. It is displayed quadruple: 2 x on the right, on the house and a street name sign (above the no parking sign) and 2 x on the left, on the building and again a street name sign. The cyclist on the foreground of the picture is shown several times because it was necessary to take a panoramic photo in order to capture all four street signs.

  • Herenwal (I)

    We tend to walk the dog daily over more than 3 kilometres in total along the Herenwal, turn at the Terbandsterbrug and back along the Fok, followed by Heerenveen’s entertainment centre. When we walk the Fok, the houses on the...

  • Herenwal (II)

    ...Herenwal can be viewed well. It is clear that the owners do not bother about a limited/blocked view from their dormer windows and that most houses are detached, although the latter does not seem to be the case from a distance.

Alongside the Herenwal one impressive urban farm (nowadays not in use as such) stands out.

  • Fok (I)

    The street named Fok (English: foresail) is, in contrast to the Herenwal, a through street, while the private houses next to it are partly separated from the main road by a service road. This does not alter the...

  • Fok (II)

    ...fact that a number of town houses (now sometimes used by companies) are located directly adjacent to the road. The road turned out to be wide enough to take some pictures of these truly beautiful homes.

Between the Fok and the Herensloot/Hearresleat there is a wide grass strip - a real sniffing zone for the dog. He lays down quietly while shooting pictures.

On May 31, one of us got the idea to walk to Oranjewoud - and of course back. All together at least 8 kilometres. On the way up we discovered that a street was named after our little boat. There is an H. in front of it. This indisputably means that a holy 'Hebbes' must (have) existed. ('H' stands for Holy, after all.) On the way back we did not notice this anymore. We felt a bit exhausted…

It rained for a long time after we arrived in Oranjewoud. Fortunately, there were (tent)canvases stretched, under which we could shelter. For at least 3 quarters of an hour!! By the way, it was a beautiful hiding place; exactly in front of the Oranjewoud Estate (1744). A contractor was removing what we will call the 'bridge reinforcement'. He put on an impressive show using heavy equipment. We applauded him after finishing.

A cloudburst threatens to erupt over Heerenveen. On the left the Herenwal, on the right the Fok, in the middle the Herensloot/Hearresleat.

  • Inside ‘Hebbes’ (I)

    We bought two sets of this table and two chairs: one inside the wheelhouse, a second one inside the living room. If necessary the two can be merged to form one larger table.

  • Inside ‘Hebbes’ (II)

    One of us, well, not him, buys flowers on a regular (= at least weekly) basis. This bunch of peonies blooms exuberantly. It’s a real joy to look at it.

Heerenveen's/It Hearrenfean's town hall. Beautiful! For more information, see https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crackstate (only in Dutch, fortunately there's Google Translate).

Next to Heerenveen's/It Hearrenfean's town hall this composition, ‘parktafereel’ (‘park scene’) is to be found. We think it’s lovely. It dates from 2007 and was created by Judith Braun (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Braun).

One of the attractive spaces in the centre of this town is het Gemeenteplein (‘Municipal Square’). To the left “Het Postkantoor” ((former) Post Office) is visible; to the right “’t Gerecht” ((former) Courthouse – but a ‘gerecht’ has two meanings in Dutch: 1) courthouse and 2) dish (do you get the pun??))

  • Forever Epke

    Yesterday night, when walking the dog, we noticed this sign on the road, saying ‘Us Epke, bedankt’ (thanks to our Epke). Epke is Epke Zonderland, a world-famous high bar gymnast who won the gold medal in the London Olympics (2012), among countless other achievements.

  • The projector

    He is a purebred Friesian, born in Lemmer and nowadays living and working as a medical doctor in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epke_Zonderland.) The next day (yes, during walking the dog) we discovered the, during the night invisible, projector.

Nightlife in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean.



Engine ran during 1,1 (66 minutes) hours, only on Monday.


Generator this week 0 (0 minutes) hours. The solar panels are doing their job. If necessary, shore power can be connected.


Weather: not unreasonable. Often sunny, but a jacket is not an unnecessary luxury. It's not really ‘shorts weather’ yet.


Hope to see you again next week!


07.06.2022 13:27

Sjoerd van der Veen

Ik heb 25 jaar in Heerenveen gewoond 50 meter naast de witte boerderij aan de Heerenwal Siem en heb genoten van jullie reportage. Deze prachtige foto's te zien na wederom 25 jaar maakten mij blij.

07.06.2022 20:49

Diny & Simon

Hé Sjoerd (met de Friese familienaam), wat leuk! Overmorgen gaan we een rondtoer via Aldeboarn en Akkrum varen - terug naar It Hearrenfean. Het bevalt ons best!

05.06.2022 20:05


Pioenrozentijd! Altihd rond Judith’s verjaardag. Prachtig! Net zo mooi als Friesland trouwens. Veel plezier met Maarten en Lisa. 😘

06.06.2022 07:14

Diny & Simon

Dankjewel Riet! Ook jullie véél plezier daar ver weg. Maar dat zit wel goed zag ik op FB.

05.06.2022 17:58


Ter informatie: Dhr. Hebbe (H.) Hebbes eerder burgemeester van voormalige gemeente Zuidbroek(Gr) en Delfzijl. Wat je al niet ontdekt op Google

06.06.2022 07:13


Ha Ivonne! Het is gewoon een geintje. Als iemand naar Wikipedia verwijst ben ik het wel - zie dit blog. Maarrrr... in dit geval dus niet.