Akkrum - Heerenveen/It Hearrefean

One last picture, taken in Akkrum on Sunday the 19th at 11:56PM when walking the dog – after we already had published our weekly blog. A dark cloud covers almost the entire sky, except a fairly wide strip at the horizon. An alienating effect.

We left Akkrum on Monday the 20th at 12:28 PM with the aim of reaching a nearby village called Terherne to find a possible painter to repaint our small vessel. We are moored here (https://www.leemburgwaterbouw.nl/scheepswerf.html), after a bit over a half hour cruise, to discuss the possibilities (next year) for an entire repaint of the outside. It turned out that we have to provide a painter ourselves. This photo shows a ship pulled onto the slope (above the yellow wheelhouse). That same afternoon we were visited by a painter (Tjitte Kneefel). An offer will follow. But we have doubts to be frank, because we prefer a repaint inside a building.

Later on that day we left Terherne at 7:16PM for a short cruise back towards Akkrum – but not completely. Before reaching Akkrum we turned left and moored at 7:48PM at the beginning of the Henshuisterdeel. See the map. (Thank you, Google Earth!)

Our ship is vaguely visible in the centre of this picture. This is what it looks like when walking the dog in the vast meadow next to our mooring place…

…and this is the view from where we are moored. In the middle of the photo the holiday park 'Tusken de Marren' (Between de Lakes), on the right the marine where we stayed for a few days. Further to the right Akkrum’s (inevitable) church tower is visible.

  • Sunset on 20.06.2022, 9:38PM

    These stunning pictures were taken from...

  • Sunset on 20.06.2022, 10:03PM

    ...the bow of our ship with a view on the...

  • Sunset on 20.06.2022, 11:17PM

    ...Henshuisterdeel using just our telephone.

Here’s the view towards the crossing of the waterways Meinesloot/Meinesleat – It Deel – Henshuisterdeel. Sometimes real huge commercial ships use these waterways on/from their way of Akkrum’s industrial port. (And the bird was sheer luck!)

On the 21st of June around noon a rental boat occupied by four people, but also four(!) dogs -from the Czech Republic judging their flag (and hearing their speech)- moored next to us. The four dogs were let out in the spacious meadow between Akkrum and our temporary residence. The meadow is not only surrounded by wide, fairly clear waters, but there are also shallow, muddy ditches. The dogs jumped into these ditches and came out again 'as black as beetles'. After they had swam, one by one, in the clearer waters of the Henshuisterdeel, the whole company left again. Our dog (on a long leash) watched the swimming scene with the utmost interest. We only allow him to paddle (early) in the fairly clear Meinesleat. Early, because his thick fur dries slowly.

  • Balloons (I)

    On that same date, the 21st, three balloons passed majestically. Our male half was once given a ticket by the female...

  • Balloons (II)

    ...half for a balloon-ride as a present. It is magical to be inside a balloon-basket, we can assure you at first hand!

After four nights ‘in the middle of nowhere’ we left on Friday the 24th of June at 9:41AM. With good reason, too: our good friend(s) Ad (en Tineke) received very encouraging medical news. So there was every reason to celebrate! We moored around 11:49AM and the four of us had, in the evening of that same day, a very convivial dinner, modestly larded with a little alcohol. (‘Het Gerecht’, see https://gerechtheerenveen.nl/.)

Initially we had neighbours on an boat, called ‘Mercurius’ (the boat, that is). The party on that boat consisted of about ten men, visiting Heerenveen traditionally/annually because of ‘The Night of the Koemarkt’ (Koemarkt = Cow Market), Fryslân’s largest music event. (See: https://nightofthekoemarkt.com/.) It even is accessible for free! This year the summer edition was on the 24th and 25th of June. We had no idea and subsequently ‘fell with our noses in the butter’. (The xmas edition will be on 16 and 17 December 2022.) Anyway, our neighbours, who later moved to the more noisy part of Heerenveen's/It Hearrefean’s Heerensloot/Hearresleat, turned out to be very sociable men with a special fondness for our dog Jay. Each year a different theme applies to them; this year it was 'Freek Vonk' - a well-known Dutch animal expert/lover. Their boat was decorated with all kinds of (inflatable) animals.

A part of our neighbours – partying on Saturday evening. They kept inviting one of us, the dog walker, to party with them and even offered free beer. They had a really nice time together and their invitations were hard to resist. They left this afternoon, Sunday the 26th, around 3:00PM.

  • 'You could walk on the heads' (I)

    This Dutch(?) expression shows how busy it was. 'There was no getting through' is another apt one. Afterwards the...

  • 'You could walk on the heads' (II)

    ...terrain looked like a battlefield. Not anymore. The municipal cleaning team deserves a heartfelt compliment.

The city(‘s) canals were decorated as well. Under the watchful eye of Wim Duisenberg, a Heerenvener/It Hearrefeaner, the 1st president of the European Bank.

Prices. It was not possible to pay for a drink other than with a coin. These were available at separate cash registers where, very modern, people were asked to pay with a bank card if possible. Each coin, so each consumption, cost (at least) € 3.50(!). As a kind of consolation it reads, in rhyme:
1. the price of a coin may be hefty,
you don't pay anything for the music!
2. your consumption has a function, that's how you pay
for a concert with free entrance!
3. the consumptions are slightly more expensive this year
that's the only way we can get this concert done!
Unfortunately, the rhyme is lost in the translation.



Engine ran during 3,0 (180 minutes) hours, Monday 0,9 (54 minutes) and Friday 2,1 hours (126 minutes).


Generator this week 3,2 (192 minutes) hours up till now, Sunday 5:00PM. Before we leave, tomorrow, we’ll need it for the vacuum-cleaner.


Weather: it started to get hotter, sometimes interspersed with a heavy downpour.


Hope to see you again next week!


27.06.2022 11:54


Feestelijk weekblog. In Heerenveen kan je nog goedkoop feestvieren lees ik. Zeker als €3,50 als een fikse prijs omschreven wordt. Met gratis muziek een goedkoop avondje uit!

27.06.2022 13:10

Simon & Diny

biertjes kopen, kunnen 10 x een biertje drinken en tollend naar huis gaan. Da's inderdaad géén geld 😜.

27.06.2022 13:08

Simon & Diny

Natuurlijk heb je gelijk, een toegangsbewijs kost méér. Bij nader inzien vinden wij, die intussen de Friese 'normen' hanteren, het alleszins redelijk. Een gezelschap van 10 mannen, die ieder 10

26.06.2022 23:30

Tineke H.

En al die feestboten kwamen , nog steeds erg enthousiast, weer terug , langs de Avontuur.
Leuk blog beiden. Chapeau!!’

27.06.2022 07:10

Diny & Simon

Ja, leuk hè. En jij weet hoe geweldig leuk/spannend het is om in een mandje onder een hetelucht-ballon te hangen.