Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean - Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean

For the third -and certainly not the last time- we left Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean on Monday the 27th of June 2022, at 11:37AM. Although planning to cruise into Akkrum (because we think it’s wise to top up our batteries now and then using a land-connection) we noticed the Marrekrite-mooring spot at Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken and spontaneously decided to spend at least one night there. So we switched off our engine at 12:50PM. It’s on the waterway Mûntsjerak, according to our map and (Frisian) Wikipedia, and situated between a charming little church and the railway – as this picture proves.

The view from our temporary overnight stay towards the charming little church. A bonus, especially for our dog, is the meadow in front of us.

The church is called ‘De Kapelle van Haskerdiken’. We refer to Wikipedia https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapelle_van_Haskerdijken or, for the dare-devils, even https://fy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapel_fan_Haskerdiken

Because of the pretty high grass and the fear of ticks we left the next morning at 11:10AM and yet set course for Akkrum. As we approached Akkrum’s marina (‘Drijfveer’) from the south-west this time instead of the north-east we had a good view to a favourite spot – which, due to a broad and permanently moored vessel, is not readily visible when the approach is from the opposite side. It has a wide grassy area and trees. It is good to be underneath the latter, because it is shady. We settled there at 12:10AM after a ‘voyage’ for a whole hour!

The next morning we left the marina, after paying the harbour-master for one night, at 10:09AM and stopped at the Marrekrite-mooring inside the Henshuisterdaal where we switched off the engine already at 10:28AM. Even for us a brevity record!

This is a picture one can take almost every evening. This one, however, is unique in that it contains the crescent moon, faintly reflected in the water.

After three nights 'in the middle of nowhere' we started our engine this morning, Saturday July 2nd, at 10:11AM. Our engine stopped again after almost exactly 2 hours, at 12:10PM. We are moored again in the Heeresloot/Hearresleat in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean, now immediately next to the Herenwalsterbrug/Hearrewâlsterbrêge - close to the centre. We are awaiting the arrival of our eldest grandson Sean and his girlfriend Lilian. As from tomorrow, Sunday, they will sail with us - probably into Sneek/Snits.

We were surrounded by several bird breeds when at the Henshuisterdeel. A very notable one was the black-tailed godwit (‘Grutto’ in Dutch). This one patiently posed for a photo. (And invited us emphatically to eff off!) Wonderful!



Engine ran during 4,5 (270 minutes) hours, Monday 1,2 (72 minutes), Tuesday 1,0 (60 minutes), Wednesday less than 0,4 (24 minutes) hour and Saturday 1,9 (114 minutes) hours.


Generator this week 5,1 (306 minutes) hours up till now, Saturday 6:00PM.


Weather: it started to get hotter, sometimes interspersed with a heavy downpour. Not a lot of change so far.


Hope to see you again next week!


06.07.2022 00:48

Tineke Heek

Zo lekker bekend lieve mensen en heel mooie foto’s.

06.07.2022 06:33

Diny & Simon

Ja Tineke, bekend hè? En 't houdt niet op: nu in Sneek/Snits naast de Waterpoort! Dank voor je compliment! Tot gauw.