Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean - Akkrum

On Sunday the 3rd of July our eldest grandson, Sean, and his girlfriend, Lilian, travelled to us by train. They arrived around 8:30PM in Heerenveen by train. Since they didn’t have dinner yet, we immediately left for the tapas-restaurant Pata Negra – because their kitchen closed at 11:00PM unlike some others, whose kitchen closes already at 10:00PM (on Sundays at least).

The next day, Monday the 4th, we planned to depart early. Well, that didn't happen, both visitors -young as they are- turned out to need more sleep than us, the old ones, so we couldn't leave earlier than 11:20AM. Because we wanted to visit Sneek/Snits, we had to cross the wide Sneekermeer/Snitser Mar, among others. That looked like this photo shows. Beautiful! Albeit quite windy.

Both our young visitors have noticed little from the trip to Sneek/Snits. They appeared to be very tired and slept...

To our pleasant surprise, after having passed three bridges, we were able to moor at our favourite spot in Sneek/Snits, which is next to Sneek's/Snits' eye-catcher: the water gate. The engine was able to be turned off at 3:11PM. In this photo you can see in the foreground a ship named ‘Gretige Henriëtte’(‘Eager Henriëtte’). We think we know her from our Roanne period (France, 2013-2015). She is for sale.

A fabulous view from the port-side of our little ship

This is what is looks like at night, after returning from walking our dog before going to bed.

Both our visitors departed on Tuesday-evening – again by train and traveling via Leeuwarden/Ljouwert to Amsterdan. We started the engine the next day at 2:02 PM and took the place where ‘Gretige Henriëtte’ had been the day before with the aim of replenishing our water supply. After that we left Sneek/Snits at 2:36PM and noticed later on (‘Met de Boot door Friesland’ – an FB-page) a picture of our little ship leaving the town. We are pleased that the picture-taker allowed us to use her picture in our blog. One can rarely get one's hands on an action shot! It was so busy that at first we could only sail at walking pace. (Except, of course, the boat that is overtaking us… Occupied by a bunch of young lads. What can you say?) © Marjo de Vries – Melai

Under bad weather conditions we stopped at 4:07PM, still on the Sneekermeer/Snitser Mar, next to an island near Terherne. Mooring was not easy with heavy rain and a strong wind from the front/side. This was our view over the lake, where 'real' sailors are clearly not deterred by bad weather.

In the previous photo you may have noticed the group of geese in front of our ship. Their large amount of droppings was the main reason for leaving, after the weather had improved somewhat – it ‘just’ stormed, at 1:39PM the next morning, the 7th of the 7th month. We were able to laboriously moor - with the help of a fellow boater - again (for the 3rd time) in the Henshuisterdeel, near Akkrum. The engine could be turned off at 2:41PM.

Because we suspected the weekend to be busy (the school holidays in the middle of the Netherlands have started. North and south will follow shortly) and because we wanted to be sure of a place on Monday the 11th in Akkrum-dorp, we left on Friday the 8th at 11: 48AM in the direction of our intended residence until Tuesday the 12th. We reached our goal already at 12:12PM - so after another short trip of exactly 24 minutes. We will stay here (at least?) for 4 days.

This is a detail of the previous photo, because this marina is known as 'Tusken de Marren' (Frisian for 'Between the Lakes'). That name was always prominent on the sign that is visible behind our little ship. Now, however, it says 'Kus Me' ('Kiss Me') (that's just Dutch, in Frisian 'Tútsje My (we believe)). That's because the marina is now called 'Drijfveer' ('Motivation' perhaps, the pun gets lost in translation). They only had to purchase the letter K, the other letters already appeared in the replaced name. ‘Tusken de Marren’ now is a holiday-home company at the opposite side of the water – from where this, and the former, picture was taken (quite a walk!).



Engine ran during 6,9 (414 minutes) hours, Monday 3,9 (234 minutes), Wednesday 1,6 (96 minutes), Thursday 1,1 (66 minutes) hour and Friday 0,3 (18 minutes) hours.


Generator this week 1,5 (90 minutes) hours up till now, Sunday 6:30PM.


Weather: this week we’ve had sun, (heavy) rain and (stormy) wind The wind is from the north mostly – chilly. Next week it will be better, according to the forecast. Fingers crossed.


Hope to see you all next week!