Akkrum - Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean

We ended up in Akkrum last Sunday. On Monday we were still there, not only because it was on that day our female half's birthday, but also because dear friends and our daughter announced their visit – the latter with her 2 dogs and a tent... This is what our berth looks like when a panorama photo is taken from the holiday park across the Meinesloot/Meindesleat. Our small ship is partly hidden behind a just passing cruiser. Yes, Akkrum is extremely popular!

The marina (‘Drijfveer’) not only accepts boats, but also campervans and tents. This is the most striking campervan we’ve ever seen.

This is an antique Fiat 500. The car is about 50 years old and used as a mean of transport by our daughter. (By the way, she and her husband own, next to this ‘cookie tin’, two antique Alfa Romeos. They are 'Alfa Romeo fans' and participate in rallies with them.) She travelled to us in Akkrum from Vleuten/Utrecht, together with 2 dogs and camping equipment, avoiding the highways. That was about 180 kilometres one way - so more than 350 kilometres to and fro. Yours truly was a passenger in this car and can assure you it’s a very special experience! © Sascha Mocking-Oost

She stayed with us for two nights. Together with her two dogs she slept with varying degrees of success in this tent, which could be set up on the grass right in front of where we were moored.

The birthday present was this comfortable ANWB-'butterfly chair' as a replacement for a dinner out (unfeasible with three dogs). One of the 2 dogs had already tried the chair at home... And approved. We were so pleased with this gift that we immediately bought a second one at the ANWB store in Heerenveen. The only remaining one! © Sascha Mocking-Oost

Three lovely Aussies

How wonderful they can play with each other. And Jay, a male, is 10 kilograms heavier than either of the two girls (Macy and Abby - mother and daughter) but always is very careful with his two girlfriends and really raves about them.

The ‘inner man’(?) was not forgotten on that Monday. (And our daughter, a French language teacher, read in the meantime a book called ‘Powerful Teaching’. In English…)

We decided to stay an extra day in Akkrum – as it was really pleasant to be there. Therefore we left not earlier than Thursday the 14th at 11:47AM. We ended up, for the fifth(!) time this season, in Heerenveen and switched off our engine at 2:16PM. We are one more time here for a very good reason – see the next picture.

On Friday the 15th our dear friend Tineke Heek celebrated her umpteenth birthday and we were invited! We travelled by bus into Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken (a matter of a few minutes) where they are staying this summer. This is the birthday girl with one of her very good friends, being our dog. We were brought back by Gerda en Ria Verroen (Ad Verroen’s daughters, he’s Tineke’s husband.) © Cherryl Texira

See the 3rd picture. That picture was taken by our daughter when she had to make a sanitary stop on the (long) way. Her two lovely female dogs, from left to right Abby and Macy – daughter and mother, were patiently awaiting her return. © Sascha Mocking-Oost


Engine ran on Thursday around 2,2 (132 minutes) hours.

Generator this week 0,5 (30 minutes) hours up till now, Sunday 3:10PM.

Weather: summer seems to have arrived – at last. The sun is warm, even hot sometimes; the northerly wind at times still a bit chilly. There’s a short heatwave predicted for next week. (Poor dog.)

 Hope to see you all next week!   


17.07.2022 20:08


Was weer gezellig! Was een leuk tripje met de Fiat! (Zie het filmpje met de 3 honden niet😔)

18.07.2022 10:54

Diny & Simon

Jaja, dat vonden wij ook!!! Voor herhaling vatbaar. Toch? (Maar wel 'n end weg .) Van dat filmpje snappen we niks. 'Iedereen' kan 't zien. Jij nu toevallig ook?

17.07.2022 15:17

Laurie and Sandra

Happy Birthday Diny!

18.07.2022 18:01



18.07.2022 10:55


Hi dear two! Diny wrote an email... Hope you're well!

17.07.2022 14:23

Tineke Heek

Zeer vereerd om in het blog te zijn vermeld en wat en heerlijk verslag over de aanwezigheid van de honden. Jullie bijdrage aan het feest was heel fijn

18.07.2022 10:57

Diny & Simon

Ook wij waren vereerd!! En 't was héél gezellig! De jarige hoort natuurlijk in ons (we)blog.