Driesum/Driezum – Wijns/Wyns

  • Dokkum (I)

    Driesum/Driezum (the best mooring space we’ve found in Friesland/Frieslân so far) was that good for walking, and the dog, that we have to admit that we overstayed no less than 4 days… Eventually we left on Monday the 1st of August at 9:45AM. We decided this time to take the detour in the direction of Dokkum, so along the Willem Lorésluis, followed by the Dokkumergrootdiep/Dokkumer Grutdjip. The latter is a former estuary which connected Dokkum with the (Wadden) Sea. Very interesting! See https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dokkumergrootdiep (only in Dutch and Frisian). We arrived in Dokkum (again) and moored at 12:20PM at the same location we had been before. It is clearly visible that the waterway in Dokkum is part...

  • Dokkum (II)

    ...of the 'Staande Mastroute’ (‘standing mast route') from south-west to north-east inside The Netherlands. Sailboats with lowered masts are missing, only proudly standing masts are visible. The next day, Tuesday, a tall/long ship, named ‘Frieslan’ (the a without the usual ‘accent circonflexe’), arrived. This ship is, we seem to remember, 23 meters (76 feet) long and ‘manned’ by a single crew, notably a woman(!) en could only moor if we moved somewhat backwards. Of course we did – and made a new friend. She handled her ship very skillfully, btw, travels a lot faster than we do -now probably already in or beyond Medemblik on the other side of the IJsselmeer (formerly the Zuiderzee). She lives on her ship in the UK and is an experienced crossing-over lady.

Wednesday the 3rd we had an unexpected visitor on board: a pigeon! The bird had been taken out of the water by some German youngsters and placed on the bank. At some point the animal had boarded our little ship - apparently to dry safely. Later on, he/she was gone. And lives happily ever after, we hope.

Despite previous comments, we have to admit that we did not lower our flag when we left Dokkum on 25 July. So when we passed the Schreiersbrug/Schreiersbrêge (3.2 meters high, enough for us if we lower the mast and flag temporarily) the flag ended up in the water - as well as the broken flagpole. We only noticed it when we wanted to raise the flag again after arriving in Driesum/Driezum. Our male half didn't feel like the brightest! It’s his responsibility. We were able to buy a new flag + flagpole via the Internet and had it delivered to a restaurant/hotel nearby. Very kind, this willingness! Here you can see the new flag (+ flagpole) waving proudly while we take water in before departing Dokkum on Thursday the 4th of August. After refuelling during 2 hours (for free, because the previous water-taker, unknown to us, had failed to sign out – AanUIt System) we finally left at 12:16PM and entered the Dokkumer Ee/Ie.

A typical Frisian ‘Head-Neck-Body farmhouse’ as seen on the way after we left Dokkum. This one isn’t even one of the prettiest, but one has to have the camera at hand and the (sun)light should be all right. We already told the story about the muted swans with the curved necks etc. last week.

We planned to possibly stay in Dokkum - but all berths turned out to be occupied. So we just left and cruised away. See you next time, pretty Dokkum! At 2:04PM we passed Birdaard/Burdaard and decided to stay there for one night.

The next morning, Friday the 5th of August 2022, we left Birdaard/Burdaard already at 9:03AM. Not much later, at 9:34 to be precise, we past the bicycle-foot bridge that is world-famous, at least in The Netherlands (Elfstedentocht/Alvestêdetocht, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elfstedentocht, of course a lot more informative in Dutch or Frisian. Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartlehiem. And, of course, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinier_Paping).

Just a random picture of a cornfield, surrounded by a row of sunflowers. We wondered: why the sunflowers? – because they were observable planted on the outside end on more than one side of the field.

Lucky us! We passed pretty Wijns/Wyns and noticed a sign informing us allowance to moor there. Just large enough for our little ship and next to a large grassy area and an eatery. There was/is a ferry too! So we stopped at 10:03AM after a full hour of sailing and are still there today, Sunday the 7th. The ferry (you can see it in action) gave us the opportunity to take a photo from the other side of the Dokkumer Ee/Ie.

When using the ferry it is impossible to miss a large inlay stone, on the 'Wijns/Wyns side, with the text:
'A look at Wijns
'For something so nice
‘Can you have a party
'O Wijns, beautiful Wijns
'I'm smiling and grinning
'Now that I can see you
'There is no curse and no excise duty
'On your charms
'The cherishing of the sunshine
'Satisfied me completely
'In short, I'm doing well
'Now that I'm here in Wijns'
(This text is accompanied by a photo of the inlay stone, so that those who speak Dutch (and there are many of you) can see the rhyme that is lost in translation.)
At the bottom it is shown that this poem was written in 1992 by Drs P. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drs._P - much more extensive in Dutch) who was world famous and popular in the Netherlands. The stone was laid in May 2019, on the occasion of the (almost) 100th birthday of Drs. P.

  • St Vitus Church (I)

    The St. Vitus Church in Wijns/Wyns was built on a mound (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terp). The church is late Romanesque and dates from around 1200 AD...

  • St Vitus Church (II)

    ...with a semi-circular external three-sided closed choir and a slightly younger tower. The tower was partly walled(?) with a small brick in 1862. In the tower hang two bells of 300 and 177 kilograms.

Interior of the small church. The church has a 17th century pulpit with a baptism railing. The organ (one manual) was built in 1889 by organ builders Bakker and Timmenga.

  • Frisian skies (I)

    Just made when walking the dog. Walking him is a necessary thing for himself...

  • Frisian skies (II)

    ...and good for the walker’s health too . The Frisian skies are a bonus.

The Dokkumer Ee/Ie on Friday the 5th of Augus 2022, shortly after 10:00PM. This really looks like paradise, doesn’t it?

In connection with the 'nitrogen problem', the future of many farmers/farms is in danger. The Dutch farming community, and its sympathizers, protest vigorously against this. Even today, after all a Sunday, we see some farmers visiting Wijns/Wyns - probably just to take a break, by the way. A sign of solidarity is flying the Dutch flag upside down - clearly to be seen here. We naturally sympathize with these fellow citizens. However, not always with their methods!


Engine ran this week 5,5 hours (330 minutes): on Monday 2,5 hours (150 minutes), Thursday 2 hours (120 minutes) and Friday 1 hour (60 minutes).

Generator this week 0,0 hours (0 minutes) up till now, Sunday 3:45PM.

Weather: summer seems to stay, but not too hot (yet). We are able to walk the dog most of the time meaning it is not that hot.

Hope to see you all again next week! (Or perhaps a bit later – we’ll have visitors.)    


07.08.2022 19:12

Riet Uijtewaal

Ook dit keer weer heel mooie foto’s van jullie verblijfplaatsen. Mooi Friesland. Vooral de steden en dorpen zijn leuk om te bezoeken. Merken jullie nog wat van de lage waterstanden?

08.08.2022 06:28

Diny & Simon

Inderdaad hopen we hier niet voor 't laatst te zijn! De lage waterstand zie je wel in de (soms zelfs droge) sloten. De vaarwegen waarvan wij gebruik maken hebben er (nog) geen hinder van.