Wijns/Wyns – Harlingen/Harns

Yet another (afterwards-)photo, made in the small cemetery of the St. Vitus Church in Wijns/Wyns. It struck us that there was apparently a Limburgian (extreme south)/Frisian (far north) marriage that lasted 'until (unfortunately both rather early) death us two part'. Her gravestone in the Frisian language; his in Dutch.

On Monday the 8th of August Wijns/Wyns was left on 9:05AM after 3 nights having been there. This was partly caused by a self-proclaimed 'harbourmaster', overlooking our comfortable berth, whom we suspected was coming to tell us to buzz off after three nights. He was somewhat meddlesome and regularly looked at us with a mustering look. When we were still in Dokkum, topping up our water supply (for free), a fellow boater -a sailor notably- recommended a suitable (Marrekrite) place to us opposite Lekkum, next to the Leeuwarder Bos/Ljouwerter Bosk (bos = forest). When we arrived there, there was room to moor. So we did, at 9:45AM. Initially we were behind another boat, but that one soon left and we were able to use the entire landing stage. It was hot and there was little opportunity to sit outside. In addition, the forest was less suitable for walking our sweet dog - but that may be due to our demandingness rather than to the forest itself. This beautiful photo was taken by a fellow BDA-member, Nikki Murray-Mason, when she and her husband/partner passed us (unfortunately unnoticed) with their ship 'Siet Op Uw Selven' ('Watch Yourself' (?)) on their way to Dokkum . © Nikki Murray-Mason (SOUS) Thanks!

After two nights near Lekkum we left on Wednesday the 10th at 8:45AM. We arrived at ‘De Prinsentuin’ in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert at 9:30AM and were able to moor almost exactly in front of the harbour master's office next to a nearly level lawn - under the current weather conditions (a heatwave!) ideal for sitting outside. Depending on the position of the sun possibly under a parasol, together with our leashed (spacious, at least a 6 metres/20 feet leash) dog, providing he could choose the shadow.

The next day a diving team from Leeuwarden's/Ljouwert's fire brigade was practicing just in front of our little ship.

The female harbour master told us when we arrived that we had to move back a bit the next day due to the arrival of large ships that had reserved approximately 150 metres/500 feet of quay space. The next day indeed 8(!) large ships full of tourists arrived - each with a length of about 40 metres/130 feet. However, they moored two-by-two and did not even need the entire reserved space.

  • Ferry arriving

    On Friday, August 12, 2022, a couple of friends arrived by train from Utrecht. Our male half picked them up from the train station. After some research we concluded that we should take bus number 71 in the over 2 hours(!) we left of our small ship. Unfortunately, this bus left early in the direction of Harlingen (too early for us!) so we had to walk the rest...

  • Ferry interior

    ...of the distance. We had little interest in that. But... the solution just arrived - a small ferry that sailed almost directly to our small ship. Eureka! You can see the ferry approaching in the left picture. Our ship is visible in the background. The crossing is by (electrically powered) ferry. There is even seating. The ferryman is a very agile one!

On Saturday the 13th we started the engine at 9:20AM to move towards a spot where we could replenish our water supply-system. After two hours we sailed towards Franeker/Frentsjer where we switched off the engine at 2:15PM - so a voyage of almost 3 hours. It was too hot that day to visit the town – we’ll do it another time. This time we wanted to sit in the shadow and do… nothing. It was already 9:14PM when we got the idea to take a picture. Nevertheless, the result is reasonable.

Sunday the 14th we cruised towards Harlingen/Harns, starting 10:40AM. The engine was switched off at 12:10PM, so we could do some sight-seeing (and drinking) in Harlingen’s/Harns’ centre. This is where we are since yesterday

For the sharp-sharpeners among our followers: this is where we are according to Google maps. After some 'hassle' -it must be said- we ended up in a part of Harlingen’s/Harns’ waterways, called ‘Davidsdokje' (really, the name appears after you enlarge the Google map) along the Simon Vestdijksingel, next to a charming little park and opposite the train station. Lots of shade (and on our ship falling leaves)

Harlingen’s/Harns’ Zuiderhaven.

The lock-gate that protects Harlingen/Harns from the sea (Wadden Sea).

  • Noorderhaven towards the West

    Obviously at high tide. Both Zuider- and Noorderhaven are tidal and, according...

  • Noorderhaven towards the East

    ...to a seafarer we asked about it, contain salt water. So no fresh of brackish water.

The 'no'-'no' sticker is often to be found on letter boxes in the Netherlands, indicating that neither unaddressed advertising work nor free door-to-door papers are appreciated. This inhabitant of Harlingen/Harns has added an addition: 'Yes, I indeed want the Harlinger Courant' (the local paper).


Engine ran this week 5,7 hours (342 minutes): on Monday 0,6 hours (36 minutes), Wednesday 0,7 hours (42 minutes), Saturday 2,9 hours (174 minutes) and Sunday(!) 1,5 hours (90 minutes).

Generator this week 2,4 hours (144 minutes) up till now, Monday 10:45PM.

Weather: mostly a heatwave.

Hope to see you all again next week!  


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