Franeker/Frjentsjer - Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean

One last 'convulsion' from Franeker/Frjentsjer. The local Blokker had a mini-fridge on display in the shop window. That seemed to us the solution for the consequences of the lack of space in the existing refrigerator, being uncooled drinks. Not anymore! We decided to sacrifice a small space to accommodate the hotel-style refrigerator. It works very well!

On Monday the 22th of August we left Franeker/Frjentsjer at 1:19PM for the second time. After an uneventful cruise of over two hours we decided to moor inside a dead-end cove in a village called Deinum – just west of Leeuwarden/Ljouwert. We switched off the engine at 3:38PM. Deinum is built on top of a terp (

A more or less romantic photo of our position inside the cove.

This is a picture of the almost empty cove where we had been moored. The Van Harinxmakanaal is visible in the background. See the next picture.

On Wednesday we fled from the cove because the passing (huge!) commercial vessels sucked it almost empty, due to their much too high speed – after which the cove refilled with such power that mud from the bottom ended up on top of our ship’s roof and one of our protective fenders, spherical and with a diameter of 45 centimetres (1,5 feet), which already served us for around 10 years, just broke off on Tuesday evening. We were forced to throw it away. Deinum has got a tiny marina with an even tinier space for visiting boats – boats? well, make it one boat. We just fitted there as is made clear by this picture. Leeuwarden’s/Ljouwert’s high building is visible in the distance.

While walking the dog we were able to take a clear picture of Deinum's church tower. The top of this tower consists of a large, striking, 'onion' - already visible in the background in the second photo ( You can also clearly see that the church -and the old part of the village- are built on a terp.

And again we can't resist. What beautiful skies can be seen every now and then when a long walk with your dog is taken around sunset!

Although we had planned to stay for 3 nights in Deinum's marina, we changed our minds when we received word that a family member would arrive by train in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean on Monday 29 August to sail with us for some time. Since we estimate that we needed at least 2 days to reach Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean - besides taking into account delays and, above all, a possible meeting on Saturday evening with a couple of friends in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean, we already left on Friday the 26th of August at 9: 17 from Deinum's 'marina'. Our goal: Grou(w). On the way a former tugboat called 'Maarten' overtook us. As you can see it was rainy weather. We didn't mind. After all, it is dry inside the wheelhouse.

After an intensive search in Grou(w), we moored there at 12:20PM on a jetty (which later turned out to be a private one) next to hotel/restaurant Oostergoo. Just when we had explored the village with our dog, an employee of the restaurant informed us that 'our' spot had been booked by another boat. So we were forced to leave from there. We did so at 12:54PM and, having made sure there was no alternative, set course for Akkrum. Fortunately we did find a place there and switched off the engine at 2:09PM.

As Akkrum was only a stopover-possibility this time, we left the next morning at 11:15AM and moored in Heerenveen's/It Hearrenfean's centre (Heerensloot/Hearrensleat). We moored at 1:36PM and a. made a reservation next to Oostergoo's jetty on Wednesday August 31 from 4:00PM and b. had a very enjoyable dinner that evening with a couple of friends in restaurant 'Paultje' in Heerenveen.

While in Akkrum we were passed by what we irreverently call 'the p*ssboat' because of the pissoir on the bow (officially ‘Waterbuffel’ (water buffalo)), this time with so many vociferous men (and a few women) on board that much of the combined harbour/camping came to view and/or photograph the scene. As you can see, we have done that too. Because the majority of the people were at the front of the boat, it (the boat) leaned forward dangerously. Nobody seemed to care about that. Well, we have seen it returning empty. So she didn't go down…


Engine ran this week 9,7 hours (582 minutes): on Monday 2,6 hours (156 minutes), Wednesday 0,4 hours (24 minutes), Friday 3,0 hours (180 minutes) and 1,4 hours (84 minutes) and Saturday 2,3 hours (138 minutes).

Generator this week 0,1 hours (6 minutes) up till now, Sunday 3:30PMPM That was on Friday, we didn't trust Akkrum's level of power. It was to no avail anyway, our generator was 'beaten' by our oven.

Weather: partly heatwave, Friday rainy, normal summer-weather as from Saturday.

Hope to see you all again next week!