Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean - Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen

  • H(e)erenwalsterbrug/Hearrewâlsterbrêge and surroundings today

    Although we only made 3 trips this week, there is still enough material for a long blog. But not before we start with another photo of Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean. This photo does not only show our berth for several days but...

  • H(e)erenwalsterbrug/Hearrewâlsterbrêge and surroundings in the past

    ...what matters most is the pair of well-usable, high shoes that stood untouched on the H(e)erenwalsterbrug/Hearrewâlsterbrêge for at least 5 days when we left on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 10:20AM.

  • Akkrum (I)

    For the umpteenth time this season we moored in Akkrum at 12:20PM. This place is very popular with us because (1) our dog can enjoy the great outdoors,...

  • Akkrum (II)

    ...(2) we can walk him for long distances, (3) our batteries can be fully charged again, (4) our water supply can be replenished back to 100 % and (5) moreover...

  • Akkrum (III)

    ...it is still affordable. Because we have already published photos of the same place several times this season, you can choose your own favourite for a change...

Jay and his mistress

As already noted in the previous photos: it is ideal here for our dog (and his owners!).

  • Jay (I)

    This is what a happy dog looks like (with a fake toothbrush).

  • Jay (II)

    This is what a dog looks like when he wants another one (expectant?).

Akkrum - a beauty passing by

Sometimes you see something absolutely beautiful on the move.

While walking our dog, one can enjoy the Frisian landscape. This is the view over the water with the beautiful name ‘Kromme Knilles’ (kromme = crooked/bent) in more or less easterly direction. This waterway lives up to its name: the winding course is evidenced by the boats sailing in it. It is also possible that they are both stationary, there is ample opportunity to moor in the ‘Kromme Knilles’.

  • Maximum 5 km/h

    During our walks from the 'Drijfveer'-marina we cross the water and enter the recreation park 'Tusken de Marren'. At the entrance, visitors are requested to drive not over...

  • Maximum 15 km/h

    ...5 km/h (3 m/h). Arriving at the reception, it suddenly turns out to be 15 km/h (9 m/h). Wow, what is right??? (We tend to think: 'the average is 10 (somewhat over 6)...'.)

  • Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat during the day

    We already left Akkrum after one night (for the last time this season?): on Thursday the 15th. With a topped-up water-tank and topped-up batteries, that is. And after taking a...

  • Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat at night

    ...shower first and running the washing machine, of course. We turned off the engine at 3:53PM, after mooring at a Marrekrite spot inside the Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat, nearing Uitwelleringa/Twellingea.

  • View to the northwest

    The Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat turned out not to be a particularly favourable place to stay (bumpy, annoying amounts of clippings). In addition, the...

  • View to the southeast

    ...weather was very bad (we know that Marrekrite can't help that). The view to both sides, however, was magnificent, as both these photos show.

The place where we were moored was bordered by a ditch. By the way, the ditch was recently redone. So far so good. However, when we hobbled around with our dog, we saw the ditch end 'just like that'. Next to it was a completely overgrown (partly causing the addition: former) fence with a sign behind it with an important announcement. (More about this announcement below.) Why a fence? It has no function, because you can simply walk around it. It still puzzles us. The only explanation perhaps: simple laziness. Btw, note the huge amount of clippings. It sticks to your shoes, thus making a mess inside the boat (our house)!

Still on the Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat. We stayed at this place for two nights and endured an outright storm on Friday the 16th. This sunrise on Saturday the 17th around 7:45AM absolutely made up for it.

On Saturday the 17th we left (already!) at 8:57AM because we were supposed to have an appointment with a carpentry workshop in the morning before noon to, finally, repair our dormer (cuckoo) and neatly panel the (new) refrigerator space. After sailing some narrow, unknown waters, we crossed the Prinses Margrietkanaal and entered the Oosterbrugvaart/Easterbrêgefeart. We approached Uitwellingerga/Twellingea and then this was our breathtaking view. Sun and rain at the same time certainly do the trick!

After Uitwellingerga/Twellingea the waterway is called 'It Ges' and becomes considerably narrower. We squeezed through it and, after only touching once something lightly at the only bridge (so none of the many boats we encountered on the way), we arrived at our goal, Hofstra Timmerwerken in Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen. Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen and Uitwellingerga/Twellingea together form a twinvillage. Sometimes simply referred to as 'Top & Twel'. Hofstra Timmerwerken will start the job on Monday, partly due to the bad weather in the short term. Here you see our location until Tuesday. (Perhaps Wednesday). (Many apologies to that poor single old woman whose yard we illegally entered to take this photo. She was obviously not interested in an explanation, even hiding herself.)

We invite you to have a second look at the photo showing that overgrown fence that was found 'just like that' at the end of the ditch. The sign placed behind the fence reads the text 'Bird breeding and rest area. No access.' Kind of ridiculous in this place, we think. Of course we have respected this text. After all, we are well brought up people...



Engine ran this week 4,7 hours (282 minutes0, Wednesday 2,5 (150minutes), Thursday 1,2 (72 minutes) and Saturday 1 hour (60 minutes).


Generator this week 0,8 hours (48 minutes) up till now, Sunday 5:48PM. Only for topping up our batteries when on the Frijgerssloot/Frijgerssleat. We have been/are on shore power in both Akkrum and Oppenhuizen/Toppenhuzen.


Weather: sun, rain and storm – in short: autumn.


Hope to see you all again next week!


18.09.2022 14:17


Eerst dinsdag/woensdag dat smalle vaartje weer uit en dan richting Amersfoort? Het lijkt me dat je Friesland nu wel gezien hebt.

19.09.2022 06:36

Diny & Simon

Nog een keer terug naar Heerenveen waarschijnlijk. Enne aan de zuidwesthoek (Bolsward, Workum, Joure) zijn we niet eens toegekomen! Xx