Grafhorst (O) - Harderwijk (Gld)

Not for the first time this season we overstayed a few nights in Grafhorst. Incidentally, without even a single boat attempting to moor next to us. That surprised us somewhat, but maybe we pay too much attention to a space that is also suitable for dogs. Anyway, after four nights we left Grafhorst on Monday 3 October 2022 at 11:36AM and stopped after a sailing trip of slightly over 1,5 hours next to/in front of the Scheeresluis in Kamperveen (according to our telephone in Wilsum, municipality of Kampen - much closer than Kamperveen). In any case, it is within (a considerable) walking distance from Kampen.

Despite the fairly long distance, we still walked into Kampen. This serves two reasons: a. our dog is, euphemistically expressed, quite energetic and b. we could also use that movement ourselves(we both watch our pedometer anxiously). In addition, the river IJssel has, between its groynes, created several little (sandy) beaches - and they are immensely popular with our dog who loves to splash around.

On Thursday the 6th of October we left at 11:05AM, negotiated the Scheeresluis and sailed the relatively new Reevediep. This cuts off a significant portion of the trip via the IJssel estuary to the Randmeren – we’ve read some 1,5 hours of cruising (perhaps more given our usual pace). On the way, bridges are passed that carry the train and two roads over the Reevediep. The vertical clearance was just under 4 meters. We did fit - just.

Popular/precious Elburg, a little Hanseatic town, was reached at 1:35PM after passing the Reevesluis (which replaces the Roggebotsluis) followed by a good bit of sailing on the Drontermeer. We were able to moor more or less in front of the building of the former fish auction. The little auction building is clearly visible on the right in this photo.

To our surprise, a fellow Amersfoort winter visitor, 'Aquarelle', moored behind us shortly after we arrived. We took this photo one of the following mornings, when the sun was still kindly illuminating the clouds – which later on looked grey and more menacing.

On Saturday 9 October we: went shopping, bought diesel (almost an incredible € 2,-- per litre!!), topped up the diesel tank and topped up the water supply. In between we had the opportunity to photograph passing botters (a type of fishing-boat – on the former Zuiderzee, nowadays tour boats, respectively respected, well-maintained, museum pieces ) from inside our little ship.

Elburg is very good – everything (electricity, water removing waste) is included in the price for being in their harbour. Moreover, the picturesque place itself is situated within walking distance. Nevertheless, we left 2:40PM on Saturday the 8th of October 2022- after all, we have to arrive in Amersfoort at some point. Some appointments had to be rescheduled - another was even forgotten! After a somewhat monotonous/boring journey we arrived in Harderwijk. At 5:20PM we switched off the engine. Pfff! We are in almost the same place as last April. Seen from the Vischpoort bridge, it looks like this. At this spot we are not 'burdened' by a possibly closed bridge: we can leave without obstacles whenever we want.

This morning, Sunday October 9, 2022, we saw three 'diehards' standing in the cold water. Better them than us! Even our dog didn't have the urge to jump in!

We prefer to walk in (one of?) Harderwijk's attractive park(s), the one that’s almost adjacent to its harbour. Followed, of course, by coffee (with cake!) on one of the countless terraces that, incidentally, only open at 11:00 AM. (On Sundays. Or would that be every day?)

  • Week 16 – 2022, 23.04.2022

    The stunningly pretty view over the impressive...

  • Week 40 – 2022, 08.10.2022

    ...Wolderwijd from the same berth this year in Harderwijk.

When we were in Kamperveen/Wilsum (near the Scheeresluis) there was almost a full moon. We walk our dog just before going to sleep. On one night it did look like this. The dike (we were inside of it) towers high and black above us. A lone lantern spreads its light. It’s almost spooky!


Engine ran this week 6,7 hours (402 minutes), Monday 1,4 hours (84 minutes), Thursday 2,3 (138 minutes) and Saturday 3,0 (180 minutes).

Generator this week 3,2 hours (192 minutes) up till now, Sunday 2:15PM. The three days close to the Scheeresluis did not offer anything but a berth.

Weather: sun, rain and storm – in short: autumn (like last weeks).

Hope to see you all again next week!